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Compressed Book Cover (Spaced)

This mesmerising anthology is divided into four categories, each demonstrating the versatility and art of the poet:


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About Book
The works included in this collection provide the reader with powerful and visceral vignettes to celebrate the beauty of life and of imagination, and to appreciate our fragile safety from ubiquitous dangers and pains.

Some poems are commemorations of the serene and the romantic, whose magic is often overlooked in our fast-paced and sterile world; others sensationalise the horrors so commonplace to our homes and streets that their alienation reveals their truly harrowing and insidious existence.

Fictional in nature, these poems are presented alongside ten special poems dedicated to the poet’s beloveds.



‘I No Longer Love You’

Sunset heart.

I used to love you,
but now you're my eclipse.

I prise my soul from your spirit,
and my kisses from your lips.

Once bewitched by the glints within your eyes
and homesick from your chest,
I remove your impression from my pillow
and, from my heart, the rest.

'Lauren Taylor'

Violet blush,
and open lips,
brunette hair,
eyes opaline,
hollow skin,
and fading gaze,
sapphires where carmine had been.


Lauren Taylor, aged fourteen,
found Bradley Flynn and in deep love fell,
warmed by the passion in his words,
soothed by his voice of caramel.

'Riverboat Island'

Bobbing on a riverboat,
hand in hand, heart in heart,
for an island far from here,
the brave lovebirds depart. 


Written in the ripples thin,
vows eternal, vows of love.
Constellations spell their names
in the moonlit clouds above. 


I know you hear me whilst I cry.
Hush, my twinkling firefly.
I am here, and all is fine,
my gentle shimmer, my nightly shine.

I know you watch me whilst I pray.
Worry not your wings away,
for I am here, and all is fine;
no need to fear, my butterfly.

Extract:  ‘Goblins’

vigour snigger Goblin smile
jiggermonsters in its bile

Goblin gorge and ire conspire

Goblin smell like burning fire

Goblin raw and Goblin crude
Goblin fiesty
Goblin rude

little buntrods in its hat
Goblin sneeze and Goblin shat

Extract:  ‘Nectar’

Thawing nectar on my lips,
let this not be our last kiss.

Hold me tightly, close to you.

Feel one rhythm beat from two.

Lay my wandering head to rest
upon your homely, faithful chest.

Sink your teeth into my eye
and blind me from temptation sly.


Bleach-white walls,
and freezing room.
They gather around my bed.

Electric shock.
Jolt. Convulse.
No life within it yet.


Regulated ventilation.
Coffin made of glass.
Death-kissed body crimson.
And the wait’s over at last.


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