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Freelance Screenwriting 

Screenplays, teleplays and film scripts
of any length and in any genre.

Average cost: £7.50 per page*.

* Exceptions may apply depending on: the budget and complexity of your film; if extraneous research is required, to maintain historical, political or scientific accuracy, etc.; and the timeframe in which you wish for the screenplay to be completed.

A consultation is required to provide accurate quotes: organise one here.

The Process


Fill out a consultation form and receive a quote.

An in-person or virtual meeting will be organised to discuss your vision.



Your contract (available to preview here) will be signed.

You will receive a sample** within two weeks.



You can then decide whether to proceed.

55% of your quoted payment is made, and your first draft will be finished



Half of your first draft will be released for you to confirm that you wish to proceed.

The remainder of the quote is paid, and the full draft is released.



Revisions and redrafts may be requested. First redraft is free!

The length of your sample will equate to 10% of the estimated page count of your screenplay. For example, for a screenplay of 30 pages, you will receive a 3-page sample.

There are currently two options available for waiting times: 90 days and 50 days.

Please note that if you opt for 50 days, the cost of your script will be increased by 100%.

Average Costs Breakdown

Average cost per page: £7.50

-- 1 page is approximately 1 minute of screen-time.

-- The average screenplay for a feature film is 95-115 pages.

5 pages
10 pages
30 pages
95 pages
115 pages

90 days
No. of Pages
50 days







5 pages
10 pages
30 pages
95 pages
115 pages

Study Time: £15 per hour

Study time is only required for texts requiring cultural, historical, political or scientific accuracy and for adaptations for which source texts must be read and understood.

Past Works

To see my writing portfolio, please click here.

Please note…

Due to UK Laws on plagiarism and collusion, a screenplay cannot be commissioned for use in any school, college or university as part of your curriculum or that of someone you know, unless the specific curriculum or project outline specifically grants you permission to outsource scripts in this way. If you do commission a screenplay from Lee James Broadwood for this purpose, the legal consequences are your own.

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