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Requesting Private Reviews

Whilst public reviews are visible to all site visitors, paying clients desiring a thorough and detailed critical analysis of their performance may request a private review of their work, instead.

If you would like to request a critical analysis of your performance to be delivered privately to you via a password-protected link, you may do so by sending your official press release by email to:

In order to request a private review, please:

  • express explicitly and clearly in your email that you would like your review to be released privately, as opposed to publicly.

  • provide the appropriate and complete information about your performance in a suitable press release, as outlined in this publication.

  • remember that a complimentary ticket to your performance (or free access to a livestream of your performance) must still be provided in order to benefit from this service.

  • be prepared to pay in full (see rates below) for the service offered to you, upon the approval of your review request.

  • know the word count you desire for your private review (in increments of 250).

After your request is approved, you will be sent a short contract to sign and return to Lee James Broadwood. If you would like to receive a preview of this contract, you may request one by email.


You will be asked to specify a desired word count for your private review, in increments of 250. The minimum word count for any review is 500 words.

Private reviews are priced at £5.00 per 250 words.

Additional Information

  • The maximum word count you may request for private reviews is 1,750.

  • A margin of 40 words above and below word counts is permitted though unlikely.

  • You will be asked to decide upon an approximate word count for your review, which will be written accordingly. Payments must be made in full before private reviews can be released.

  • The current average waiting time for the publication of a private review is three days after the agreed performance date. A further two days may be required for compound performances and for performances with running times longer than one hour and thirty minutes.

  • You will not receive any further criticism of your performance (by email, for example) after the release of the private review, unless you request another private review at a later date or a dramaturgy session (click here for more information). Of course, you may still ask for clarifications in the unlikely event that any aspect of the review you will have received is unclear to you.

The privatisation of existing public reviews is also possible at the same rates expressed above. NB: Public reviews that are later made private by your request will not be edited further after such privatisation.

Thank you for requesting this service.


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