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What Type of Reviews Are Offered by The Performance Critic?

The Performance Critic is a free service provided as part of my work as a freelance dramaturg.

You can request a review by sending your official press release to me by email:

For information on what your press release should include, please refer to this publication.


The reviews provided as part of this service are critical analyses of performances, aiming, though visible to the public, to benefit the creatives behind the performance alone. These analyses will assess all of the constituents of your performance, from delivery, speech and movement to plot and narrative, to aesthetic and technical decisions, to the communications of sociopolitical aims. It is commonplace in these reviews that the specific works of the artists involved, of performers, designers and other such creatives, will be addressed and assessed directly.

In this manner, the review you will receive is not a commercial theatre review, where synopsis and personal opinion will be summarised and disclosed to the public. The review you will receive will be an assessment of your performance, intended for the development both of your specific performance and of your general creative practice as artists. Subjective emotional response will not be treated; instead, the artistic and stylistic integrity of your performance, its efficacy in communicating any messages and meanings and in meeting any objectives, as well as creative originality comparative to industry trends, will be the focal point of these reviews.

Due to the nature of these detailed analyses, reviews may be requested at any point during your run. With an average word count of 1,600, your review may take up to three days to be published. For compound performances or for performances with durations exceeding one hour and a half, reviews may take up to five days to be released.

These reviews are always released into the public sphere; however, if you would rather receive this feedback privately, private reviews are also an option — for more information on these, click here.


Thank you for your interest in this service.

To visit The Performance Critic’s homepage, please click here.

To view all of the public reviews I have published so far, please click here.

To request private verbal feedback, instead, you will need to request a consultation. To do this, and for more information on my service as a freelance dramaturg, please click here.


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