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Legal Terms and Conditions:

Purchasing an Extract from the Screenplay Library

In agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you declare that you have read and understood and agree to the following:


“I” and “me” refer to you, the buyer, who are purchasing this screenplay extract from the Screenplay Library.
“The extract(s)” refers to the screenplay extract or extracts purchased from the Screenplay Library.
“Resulting film(s)” refers to the film or films you may produce from the full script.

  • I do not have the right to produce a film resulting from the extract(s) or resembling it in great detail.

  • I do not have the right to create copies of the extract(s) or to sell the extract(s). 

  • I do not have the right to share the extract(s) with anyone outside of the creatives who I believe would be involved directly in the potential production of the resulting film(s). 

  • I understand that the extract(s) is/are the property of Lee James Broadwood and that all rights to the extract(s) remain with Lee James Broadwood.

  • I understand that a misuse of the extract(s) is a breach of this written contract and a violation of UK and International Copyright Law and that legal action may be carried out against me should I misuse the extract(s) in any way which conflicts with this contract. 

  • I understand that all of the above does not change regardless of how many scripts to which I have purchased full access.

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