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The Performance Critic

combining critical theory and performance analysis to provide technical reviews for London’s live artists


Welcome to The Performance Critic!

This free service is provided as part of my work as a freelance dramaturg.

I have been reviewing for six years now, both privately and publicly, for both on- and off-West End theatres and performance venues in London as well as for theatres in Brighton and Nantes, France.


The reviews which appear on this site have been requested by theatremakers and live artists aiming to develop both their specific performances and overall craft. They are better considered as critical analyses of performances, as opposed to commercial theatre reviews.

This means that my reviews will not share merely synopses and my personal, subjective responses to the performances in question or detail the backgrounds and past successes of the artists behind them for the performances' publicity. Instead, the reviews consider the artistic integrity and efficacy of the performances themselves.

They discuss what was original, poignant, articulate and coherent about the performances in study; what was not; and why. It is also common that they suggest alternative routes that could have been taken to avoid unwanted tensions, awkwardness, blandness or fallibility.

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I am always grateful to the artists who expose me to and allow me to share in their creative work.

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