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ADORE by Lee James Broadwood

Only £9.99

- Ebook version coming soon!

About Book
This book is part of the Explosa Series, along with LAMENT, a collection of sorrowful poems; and MYSTICA, a collection of fantasy poems.

Dedicated to the most powerful of our emotions, ADORE pays homage to the nature, sensations and famed imagery of love.

The collection of poems written by Lee James Broadwood, fictional in nature, produces a warming library of this heartfelt emotion’s many forms.

Eloping to isolated islands far away, hugging through winter’s cold and under spilling rain, these works indulge in the beauty of the soulmate love that all of us so crave and cherish.





Just when I release the net
to let them fly away,
you smile my heart to flutters,
and more butterflies
come to stay.


They flurry for your dazzling eyes,
your perfect hair and skin;
for your body so divine,
your childish laugh and grin.

Every undulation
is a gentle wave of care,
sculpted from the clouds of Heaven,
the rain,
the lightning flares.


In your eyes, I see a paradise
of transcendent beauty true.
There are no faults or flaws;
only angels live in you.



I love to think about you,
which means...I love to think,
as you’re the sweet and blissful nectar
my daydreams like to drink.

I imagine my daydreams are my reality,
that you are truly here. 
I feel your cheek beside mine,
and your whispers in my ear.
You tell me I will be OK,
and that’s all I need to hear. 

Gothic sky.
Rainbow black.
Lightning wakes your golden eyes.
Hushing waves roll toward and back,
kiss our calves as thunder cries.


Enclosed by clouds of violet
as music breathes its song.
Lover’s fortune.
Embracing all night long.


and frosted meadow.
The sound of grass
crunching below.
White vapours
billow from our lips.
Five blankets each,
and hot cocoa.

and we’re wide awake.
as the skyline fades.
Waxing crescent
moon above.
Sheen of white
on frozen lakes.


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