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Why I Offered a Free Photoshoot to FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary

Please note: this is a personal public journal; the following words and opinions are my own, and I have not been commissioned or sponsored to write this entry or to advertise this charity and its work.

I recently had the absolute HONOUR of working as a freelance photographer for FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary in time for their new campaign intending to inform audiences and visitors about the needs and lives of their older animal residents. I managed to produce forty-seven photographs altogether for the sanctuary to use, and the experience left me feeling so moved and inspired that I felt the need to share their work with you all.

I am told that the sanctuary is home to over 150 animals, from turkeys to pigs to goats to cows. All of these animals have been rescued from extreme abuse and from their deaths and now can live out the rest of their lives in utter peace and harmony, forming strong and palpable relationships with one another that would otherwise be next to impossible.

For the ageing population of animals here, rarely seen alive beyond single-digit ages and yet now over twenty years of age, the horrific ramifications of human intervention and genetics play need to be prevented or, at the very least, eased, if prevention is not possible. This is what this sanctuary aims to do, to protect and nurture these rescued animals as well as to provide them with a constant home and haven, and it does so wonderfully. But it can't do it alone. These animals, living, sentient and passible beings who experience suffering and love just as we do and perhaps even more readily, need the public's help, need your help.

Having been so genuinely touched not only by the animals but by the informed, committed and conscientious sanctuary workers and volunteers who take to educating the public so patiently, passionately and lovingly, I could not recommend this sanctuary enough for the charity to whom your donations should go. The workers, and animals, would really benefit from and be warmed by your help.

It was so inspiring to see so many beautiful, beautiful animals homed, safe, calm and respected, enjoying the summer glow and eating the proper, healthy food they deserve and for no other reason than to nourish their own bodies, as opposed to being fattened for human consumption.

So, if you could donate, please do! Alternatively, help out by attending the sanctuary's many festivals and events held throughout the year!

Above and below are some of the photographs I took for the sanctuary. If you would like your own professional photographs to promote your charity or animal-based business, get in touch to book your own photoshoot by clicking on the 'Contact Me' button (three-dot icon for mobile viewers) on the bottom-right of your screen. For more information on the service, click here.

Please note: not all photoshoots offered to businesses and charities are free; free photoshoots are offered at Lee James Broadwood's discretion and depend upon the size and nature of your business.



To visit FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary's website:

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Be Brave.

Be Kind.

You Are Blessed.


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