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I am so very humbled that you would like to show your support, be it for my work in live performance, in film and photography, or in writing, and I am truly honoured to have supporters like you.

Beyond watching my productions, reading my books, and benefitting from my services, there are a number of ways you can show your support. 

Whichever you choose, I am deeply grateful!


The easiest way to support me is to share the work I do with others! 

Share your favourite page from my website via social media, or like and comment on my social media posts and subscribe to my accounts!

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The next best way is to purchase my work from my online store — my personal favourite, as I get to share physical works of mine with you.

I stock books, essays, photography prints, and more! Have a look and see what treats you'll  come 


I am ineffably grateful to those who support me by making donations.

If you really like the work I do, you can make a monetary donation of your choice by clicking the button below:

Alternatively, you can make a donation via one of the following methods:

However you choose to support me, thank you so much!
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