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I am currently developing partnerships with fringe, pub and off-West End theatres, to support venues interested in expanding the services they provide to theatre and performance artists.


My service is tailored towards artists aiming to develop their craft and to reflect critically upon their performance and/or performance text/scores/choreographies. It is intended for writers, choreographers, directors, dramaturges, actors and live performance artists at any stage of their career and with performances in any stage of development. 

Recommend my services to your visiting and resident artists

In Exchange, I Can

signpost clients, when applicable, to the facilities and activities of the theatre and to any members of the theatre’s tech/design crews, their freelancers, etc.

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View the services I offer to clients by clicking the button below.

I welcome you to contact me if you have any queries

All partnership terms are negotiable.

Resources will be provided to support you with recommendations.

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