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TPC -- New Mask Design - Large_edited_ed
TPC -- New Mask Design - Large_edited_ed

The Performance Critic

combining critical theory and performance analysis to provide technical reviews for London’s live artists

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Welcome to The Performance Critic!

My name is Lee James Broadwood, and I am a London-based interdisciplinary artist and live performance mentor. I have been working as a theatre critic for six years now, providing technical analyses by request to theatre and performance artists in London, UK, and privately across the globe. 

I am grateful to be able to share publicly through The Performance Critic some of the work I do whilst providing my services as a live performance mentor, in exchange for supporting those who are unable to purchase private analyses or those who are new to and trialling my work.

Contrary to commercial reviews, which are released with the aim of publicising or marketing performances, the performance analyses I provide offer professional, in-depth feedback, dramaturgical and evaluative in nature.  They consider all aspects of a performance and evaluate their respective and combined articulacy, efficacy, originality, accuracy and integrity. These aspects include but are not limited to: acting; choreography; writing; direction; design; effects; underlying historical, sociopolitical and cultural content; and overall performance style and subtext.

I welcome performance analysis requests from any artists from all over the world for any performance type, regardless of its genre, style or stage of development.

To find out more about my services as a live performance mentor, please click here.
For more information on private performance analyses, please click here.
And to request a technical analysis of your performance, please click here.

I am ever grateful for those who share their work with me and allow me to develop as an artist myself. Thank you.

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