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Production Assistant for Horror Feature!

I am delighted to announce that I had the honour recently of working with an amazing crew as a production assistant on an upcoming two-hour horror feature, The Haunting of the Lady-Jane by Kemal Yildirim!

The shoots took me to the town of Northampton where I stayed with a warm and welcoming crew of super talented individuals to film on a disused railway, in a country bookstore, a café, a family garden, on a bus, and in a church — and it’s worth mentioning here that squeezing a Black Magic, dedolights and a haze machine into a confessional booth certainly has its challenges…!

I would like to thank director Kemal Yildirim and actress/producer Natasha Linton for involving me in this wonderful project, contracting me to work in lighting and set dressing, to manage contracts and paperwork and background performers. From slating to props management, this project was a glorious one in which to be involved!

The film has now been finally released, and it was so lovely to see the reactions of the cast and crew! A special team of which to have been part.



Be Brave.

Be Kind.

You Are Blessed.

Director for Georges Feydeau Farce!

I am delighted to announce my next directing job — this time, a Georges Feydeau farce, to be staged in London in March 2023! After a wonderful series of auditions from a dynamic range of committed and


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