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The One YouTube Channel You Should Subscribe To!

The day has finally come!

That’s right, my YouTube channel is here!

Video essays, photography and writing tutorials, podcast episodes, painting time-lapses, film reviews, film and theatre history videos, even recipe recommendations, Q&As and vlogs — the whole lot!

So, check your favourite interdisciplinary artist out on YouTube by clicking here!

Don’t forget to subscribe! And whilst you’re at it, why not challenge to see how hard you can smack the notification bell on its unsuspecting nose?! Let me know how many decibels you manage to rack in!


Be Brave.

Be Kind.

You Are Blessed.

Director for Georges Feydeau Farce!

I am delighted to announce my next directing job — this time, a Georges Feydeau farce, to be staged in London in March 2023! After a wonderful series of auditions from a dynamic range of committed and


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