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Welcome to My Blog!

So, you're intrigued by my professional work and yearn to revel some more in the glorious world of Lee James Broadwood, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I use this blog to journal some of the smashing things I get up to every week and to jog my memory of a few notable reasons as to why life is still worth a glimmering smile on a gloomy Wednesday eve!

Of course, I'll use the blog to publicise new web pages and my professional services as well, but with so much of my online material dedicated to my practices and work, I wanted to show you a slightly more personal side of me, and a blog feels like the perfect way to do so!

I wanted to show you the true and more informal Lee James Broadwood residing behind the glitz and glamour of a beautifully aesthetic website! From public diaries expressing my fondness for my recent activities of the closing week, to vegan recipes and product recommendations, to tips and tricks for artist, to quasi-political vents and motivational spiels, I plan to bestow it all upon you! So, buckle up for an excellently adventurous reading spree!

Whilst there won't be a specific day on which I publish entries, I will be aiming to release either one longer post a week or two shorter ones. So, until the next one, have a browse and see what miraculous secrets you might come across!

And why not begin your treacherous embankment by glancing over my most popular publications:


Until we next cross paths, I shall leave you with your newfound weekly reminder:

Be Brave.

Be Kind.

You Are Blessed.

Director for Georges Feydeau Farce!

I am delighted to announce my next directing job — this time, a Georges Feydeau farce, to be staged in London in March 2023! After a wonderful series of auditions from a dynamic range of committed and


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