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MYSTICA by Lee James Broadwood

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About Book
This book is part of the Explosa Series, along with ADORE, a collection of love poems; and LAMENT, a collection of sorrowful poems.

Beauty in the moonlight, in the oceans, in the mind.
In the whispers of the sleeping stars and in you, I beauty find.

MYSTICA is a collection of fantasy poems by Lee James Broadwood, celebrating the majesty and opulence of the world we live in and of imagined realms.

From the acts of Shadowmen to the tranquillity of rainfall, the items depicted in these poems not only transport the reader away to worlds of mystery and intrigue but also invite them to reflect upon the magnificence of their own.

​​​Includes special poem in connection with the
101 Short Stories seriesfrom the same artist: ‘Goblins’…




Skulking shadow;
umbrous oak.
Through the nettles,
the Shadowman, at night, awakes
to leave your shadow in his wake.

Hear his whispers in the dark,
his sniggers,
and his cries.
Hear him call the stars to sleep,
the moon to scrape the skies.

City lost to endless dark,
oppressed by violent quiet.
In the distance, a beaming light,
and, daily, I’m drawn by it.


Forbidden harbour,
secret gateway
to the silent River of Lorde.
A boat of oak
with oars of larch
to escape our silent fjord.


'Angel for Sale'

Skipping stone, 
and waterfall.
Under darling skies of pink,
where rainforests kiss the exosphere,
where grass and flowers think,
we met beneath the honeysuckle, 
down by the silver birch tree.
You fell asleep and dreamed a dream
and landed upon me.

Her tightened arms;
her chest-bound chin;
her glowing hair that scouts her cage,
looking for an opening
through which she might escape;
the light around her halo
coaxing colour from the street;
her eyes, barely open,
fixed down on her bleeding feet.

'Fire Splinters'

Coal and clinker,
ember, cinder,
fire splinters in the night,
weaving through the elder trees,
fire-trails of light,
descend upon my fingertips
and take me by my hand;
illuminate a better place,
a special, far-off land. 

Devour the offerings I provide—
silver, air, and edelweiss—
and stretch your flames and come to life
to guide me to your paradise.


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