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Moonlighting as a Theatre and Performance Critic

When the dulcet songs of crickets sound to summon the moon to wake, and the evening, crisp and pregnant with art, Eddie, sees a flood of press releases into my inbox, I take to the theatres of London to review!

If you weren’t aware already, I moonlight as a theatre and performance critic!

Told my words are scathing, told that they are fair, I offer detailed performance analyses in exchange for complimentary tickets to live performances.

I’ve been doing this for nearly six years now at the time of this publication, reviewing for London, Brighton and Nantes, France.

I could not be more grateful to all theatremakers and creatives who request a review and make it possible for me to provide this service, and who expose me to fascinating live artworks, from circus to ballet, from Shakespeare to Brecht, one moonlit evening at a time!

My reviews can be found here on my website beneath a homely shelter of their own: The Performance Critic.

Don’t be shy…take a peek!

You could also check out The Performance Critic’s FAQs or even request a review for your own performance! Smashing!


Be Brave.

Be Kind.

You Are Blessed.

Director for Georges Feydeau Farce!

I am delighted to announce my next directing job — this time, a Georges Feydeau farce, to be staged in London in March 2023! After a wonderful series of auditions from a dynamic range of committed and


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