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Requesting a Review: What Information You Should Include.

You can request a review for ANY performance type: plays, showcases, rehearsed readings, dance, ballet, circus, etc. Performances must take place in London, or in the UK if you are able to grant access to a streamed version of your performance.

However, in order to have your review request approved by The Performance Critic, you will need to include the following information in your press release:

  • the title of your performance(s);

  • the date, start time and running time of your performance(s);

  • the address of the venue or performance space where your performance will take place;

  • and a complete list of the names of all of the cast members and creatives involved in your performance (including lighting/sound/tech designers/operators, set/costume designers, composers, etc.).

If this information is not provided, you may experience a delay in the approval of your review request.

Request a review now by emailing your press release with the above information included to:

For more information on requesting reviews, please see this publication, or visit The Performance Critic's FAQ Page.


Thank you for your interest in this service.

If you would like to read all public reviews that have been released so far, please visit this page.

If you would like to receive private verbal feedback, you can do so by requesting a consultation. For more information on this and on my service as a freelance dramaturg, please click here.


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